Book I of the Final Judgment SagaNoctis

Romantic Paranormal

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Nathan Sangrey is a man out of time with no real memories of his past.  He is unexpectedly summoned to a local museum by New Orleans Detective Jennah Vaillencourt for his expertise on ancient religious items.  Jennah just happens to be hi former sister-in-law who despises him.

When Nathan arrives at the scene of the crime, he finds a desiccated corpse and is nearly overwhelmed by the mystical presence of a very simple carving. Jennah needs to know more and Nathan is coerced into assisting her.

A short time later, both are approached by a stranger who claims to have information needed to solve the crime and also save the world from Armageddon.  Drawn together with a number of disparate characters, the two find them selves turning to one another in order to survive and solve the mysteries.

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