Allmharach_smBook One of the Walking Man Saga

Authored by T. R. Grady


   An ancient evil has found a way to breach the barrier that protects the world from its malignancy and now seeks to replace all life with it’s own children. The only one who can save humanity is a drunk.

   John Walken suffers from severe migraines and alcoholism and is struggling to survive in the back alleys and abandoned tenements of New York City when he faces a terror he could only imagine in nightmares. Aged Mohawk storyteller Joseph Black arrives just in time to rescue him and NYPD detective Danyka Caulfield from a demon out of mythology.

   Following the rescue, John is forced to travel deep into the Adirondack Mountains to learn the skills necessary to protect himself and ultimately mankind. Armed only with a flask of whiskey and his fear the nightmare might return, he’s drawn kicking and screaming into the eternal conflict between dark and light.

   Joined by Danyka, the local blacksmith, Keuken, and a dwarf trapper named Shorty, John must face the world altering cataclysm of the Convergence with the dark realm of Allmharach and embark upon an epic adventure of change, loss and discovery.

   The only question is: Will John and his friends survive long enough to begin the journey – much less save humanity?

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