Aug 172016

Since the end of last week I have been dealing with a case of shingles that has affected the left side of my head, mostly around the ear, but also along the jaw.  For the past couple of years I scuffed at the idea of the vacinnation and now I am sorry I didn’t listen.  So I just want to tell you – get the danged shot.

While the pain is not exactly what I was under the imression about, it is quite disconcerting.  Perhaps the worst part is the frugs I was given to reduce the pain – Vicodin.  I apparently am intorerant to vicodin – it works great in knocking me for a loop, the pain is minimized and the day passes in a haze – that is until I start vomiting.

It also makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything.  I skipped my last couple of Vicodin just so I would feel almost alive.  I am sure it is different for everyone.  I am in the middle of my ‘final’ edit for The Resort and want to get it back to the publisher so a release date can be set, but the last few days have been sit in the comfy chair and sleep to the sounds of the Olympics.  My brain just isn’t working, not yet.  But thanks to the anti-viral Valacyclovyr, I do think I am on the downside of the Shingles now.  While I am still very tired, and the low-grade headache is still there, I think some of the virus has subsided.  Hopefully I will be back to abnormal by the weekend when I have some friends visiting (I am sure I am past the contagious stage).

Again, I highly suggest everyone get the vaccine.


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