Jan 242017

I am working on ‘The Noctis” (book 1 in a planned series of at least 6 romantic fantasy/paranormal novels) today and I am frustrating myself constantly.  I don’t really consider my issue ‘Writers Block”, but more an inability to decide what direction I want to take.

To put this into perspective, I have written this novel to completion – about 80,000 words – but was not in the least bit satisfied with the first draft.  I am currently about 15k into a complete rewrite and have a well defined idea of where I want to take the overall story. My problem is I have way too many intricate concepts in my head and am having trouble deciding which should be used where and when.  I brainstormed with my wife earlier today and fixed a few things that are important to the series, but not to the first story.  I had hoped this would allow me to integrate pieces into Book 1, but I am just sitting here staring at my computer (well okay, I am writing this rant …).

What I really need to do right now is introduce a number of secondary characters (who become the main characters in followup novels), advance the overall story (plots that are a major part of the overall series) and build conflict that drives novel 1.

I really wish I lived somewhere where I had a couple other serious writers  I could use to brainstorm and critique with.  Unfortunately I live so far out into the boonies (northern NY) I have to drive 320+ round trip miles just to go to a writers group.  I’ve tried a bit of online stuff, but the turnaround time is too slow to help me “now”.

So I just have to rant a bit and hopefully get back to work.

BTW, if you live anywhere near me, please feel free to get in contact and see if we can help each other.


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