Jul 142016

July 14, 2019 – Right now I am finishing up the production galley of “The Resort” for my publisher The Wild Rose Press.  It should be in their hands this week or early next week at the latest.  If I understand everything, that means the next step is to go to a copy editor.  Once that is completed, a final galley will be sent to me and if everything is good (and it should be), it then goes to production and I will have a release date.  I am excited about the process and the stage we are now finishing up.

   I am well underway with book 2 in the Frankie James series – “Fanning the Flames”.  To say it involves a firefighter should be obvious and just who is he and what will it mean for Frankie’s life?  I am also working on my paranormal romance novel “The Noctis” so there should be plenty coming out in the next year or so.


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