Nov 142016

It’s been nearly a full year since I first submitted “The Resort” to my publisher The Wild Rose Press and we are now in the final stages of preparation for the romantic suspense novel’s publication.

This week I returned the final ‘pre-publication’ gallies to my editor and the next step is to determine a release date!  I am getting excited.

I have learned so much about the process it is hard to believe.  I know I need to work constantly on every one of my projects to keep them flowing between myself and my publisher and admittedly that is hard for me.  I am certain that when I was a child I should have been designated with some type of ADD.  My mind becomes distracted too easily – almost as if I grow tired of doing one thing and need to find something new to learn or attempt.  I have been this way all of my life.  Once I feel I have accomplished something, I lose interest.  It can be very frustrating because I put off things I need to do.TheResort_w10732_med

I have now completed four full length novels and one non-fiction about my favorite hobby.  Two of those books are independently published and available on Amazon.  But “The Resort” is being published the traditional way – with a well known publisher of romance novels. The others need some serious cleaning up to prepare them for one form of publication or the other.  I have several requests to write a follow-up to another.

In so many ways this is an incredible accomplishment for me.  Knowing my own past, to truly finish something is a huge step.  I have taken on many projects over the years, opened my own businesses, gone to college several times and yet never earned a degree (well okay I did get my LPN, but I never worked in a hospital after that) and tried many things – enough to take seriously the old phrase “Jack of All Trades – Master of None”.

So what does this mean now?  It means I have to get back to work on my writing, stop playing games online, stop playing with model trains or tropical fish and focus on making my completed novels the best I can and write the ones that are in my head – and there are a few.

Do I enjoy writing. Absolutely.  As a failure (literally) in my high school ‘English’ classes and my lack of drive to take education seriously it amazes even me that I can do this.  As a youth, I loved comic books (hmm Big Banger?) and I did read and try to write all sorts of things.  In my teens I actually began a ‘space school’ novel – my own Tom Swift type of hero. In my twenties I wrote some articles for magazines and as a I aged I did more of that.  In my forties I actually wrote a number of plays – interactive murder mysteries which some friends and I performed at local restaurants.  Finally in the late 1990s I began my first novel which became “The Mists of Allmharach” and was self-published in 2012.  It only took ten years to write.  Now it is 2016 and I have actually written three more full novels and a non-fiction.  Wow. Maybe I am doing better than I thought.

I do realize the only way to build a real following is to make certain I have a constant flow of new works becoming available on a regular basis.  This is what I absolutely need to do. Now if I could just find someone to apply a whip occasionally.

I am proud of the first Frankie James Mystery novel and am looking forward to finishing the second one “Fanning the Flames”.  The next volume in the Frankie James series deals with arson and an old flame showing up to disrupt her relationship with Jakes.


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