Jul 222016

Much as I hate to admit it, it took me more time than I wanted to become fully invested in Frankie James’ second mystery.  But now I am seriously working on the first draft of ‘Fanning The Flames” and expect to complete it before the end of August, perhaps even sooner.

  ” Once again, Bear Lake Police Chief Frankie James is caught up in a serious mystery.  Buildings at “The Resort” are burning to the ground and a serial arsonist is suspected.  The problem is, there is no evidence as to how the fires are set or as to who is behind the destruction of the camps and buildings that are part of the huge sports-related hotel complex.

And then there is David Fanning, Frankie’s high school love.  She hasn’t seen him in nearly 20 years and suddenly he makes an unexpected return to Bear Lake as the new fire chief.  His sudden return sparks old feelings and with Jakes temporarily gone on another long search for his sister, Frankie finds herself drawn towards her old flame.  How will Frankie deal with her emotions?  Will she be able to end the arson? And what will happen when Jakes returns?  “

Hopefully, I expect 2017 should be a banner year for my books with at least three being published, two Frankie James romances and a paranormal romance series beginning.

Of course don’t forget “The Resort: A Frankie James Mystery” will be on bookstore shelves, Amazon and anywhere you can purchase romance novels this fall.


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