Aug 312016


The danged aftereffects of Shingles might be worse than the actual affliction.  While I had a fairly mild case, I was not prepared for the nerve pain that followed the healing of the rash and scabs.  It’s like a sunburn that won’t go away.  My ear burns constantly and the left side of my jaw has the same pain.  It is really hard not to rub at the locations, but all it does is enhance the discomfort.  My neck feels like shaving burn that nothing will make it go away.  Anything that touches the sore areas only causes more pain – I mean anything, a feather for example.  Apparently this can last for weeks and in rare cases – never goes away.  I pray I am not the latter.

Anyway … I said a couple things.

Release of – “The Resort” A Frankie James Mystery – is getting closer.  I am expecting a pre-Christmas release date, perhaps November.  The pre-publication galleys are now in the publishers hands and hopefully the next step will announced soon – the printing of the novel.

I’ve been watching the skyrocketing success of my friend Karen Rock, a Harlequin Romance novelist.  Her list of successful young adult and contemporary romance books is growing.  She is really writing about some fascinating topics ranging from the Coast Guard Sea-Air rescue teams to the “Deadliest Catch” crabbers in Alaska.  Karen just lives down the road from me and I highly recommend her books.

For anyone interested, the Plattsburgh Writiers Group is planning to meet Sept. 7th at the Plattsburgh Library.  The meeting time is 6pm.  Everyone is welcome.


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