Feb 092017

“The Resort, a Frankie James Mystery” is now available for Pre-order through the publisher, The Wild Rose Press!  It will be available March 10th and shortly there after on Amazon and other online stores.

You will find in both paperback and digital here:




Jan 242017

I am working on ‘The Noctis” (book 1 in a planned series of at least 6 romantic fantasy/paranormal novels) today and I am frustrating myself constantly.  I don’t really consider my issue ‘Writers Block”, but more an inability to decide what direction I want to take.

To put this into perspective, I have written this novel to completion – about 80,000 words – but was not in the least bit satisfied with the first draft.  I am currently about 15k into a complete rewrite and have a well defined idea of where I want to take the overall story. My problem is I have way too many intricate concepts in my head and am having trouble deciding which should be used where and when.  I brainstormed with my wife earlier today and fixed a few things that are important to the series, but not to the first story.  I had hoped this would allow me to integrate pieces into Book 1, but I am just sitting here staring at my computer (well okay, I am writing this rant …).

What I really need to do right now is introduce a number of secondary characters (who become the main characters in followup novels), advance the overall story (plots that are a major part of the overall series) and build conflict that drives novel 1.

I really wish I lived somewhere where I had a couple other serious writers  I could use to brainstorm and critique with.  Unfortunately I live so far out into the boonies (northern NY) I have to drive 320+ round trip miles just to go to a writers group.  I’ve tried a bit of online stuff, but the turnaround time is too slow to help me “now”.

So I just have to rant a bit and hopefully get back to work.

BTW, if you live anywhere near me, please feel free to get in contact and see if we can help each other.

Jan 122017

Yes, I can finally announce the release of my latest novel!

“The Resort: A Frankie James Mystery” will be released on March 10, 2017 and will be available through any bookstore or book sales website.  The best way to purchase it will be on The Wild Rose Press site, but it will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online outlets.

Nov 142016

It’s been nearly a full year since I first submitted “The Resort” to my publisher The Wild Rose Press and we are now in the final stages of preparation for the romantic suspense novel’s publication.

This week I returned the final ‘pre-publication’ gallies to my editor and the next step is to determine a release date!  I am getting excited.

I have learned so much about the process it is hard to believe.  I know I need to work constantly on every one of my projects to keep them flowing between myself and my publisher and admittedly that is hard for me.  I am certain that when I was a child I should have been designated with some type of ADD.  My mind becomes distracted too easily – almost as if I grow tired of doing one thing and need to find something new to learn or attempt.  I have been this way all of my life.  Once I feel I have accomplished something, I lose interest.  It can be very frustrating because I put off things I need to do.TheResort_w10732_med

I have now completed four full length novels and one non-fiction about my favorite hobby.  Two of those books are independently published and available on Amazon.  But “The Resort” is being published the traditional way – with a well known publisher of romance novels. The others need some serious cleaning up to prepare them for one form of publication or the other.  I have several requests to write a follow-up to another.

In so many ways this is an incredible accomplishment for me.  Knowing my own past, to truly finish something is a huge step.  I have taken on many projects over the years, opened my own businesses, gone to college several times and yet never earned a degree (well okay I did get my LPN, but I never worked in a hospital after that) and tried many things – enough to take seriously the old phrase “Jack of All Trades – Master of None”.

So what does this mean now?  It means I have to get back to work on my writing, stop playing games online, stop playing with model trains or tropical fish and focus on making my completed novels the best I can and write the ones that are in my head – and there are a few.

Do I enjoy writing. Absolutely.  As a failure (literally) in my high school ‘English’ classes and my lack of drive to take education seriously it amazes even me that I can do this.  As a youth, I loved comic books (hmm Big Banger?) and I did read and try to write all sorts of things.  In my teens I actually began a ‘space school’ novel – my own Tom Swift type of hero. In my twenties I wrote some articles for magazines and as a I aged I did more of that.  In my forties I actually wrote a number of plays – interactive murder mysteries which some friends and I performed at local restaurants.  Finally in the late 1990s I began my first novel which became “The Mists of Allmharach” and was self-published in 2012.  It only took ten years to write.  Now it is 2016 and I have actually written three more full novels and a non-fiction.  Wow. Maybe I am doing better than I thought.

I do realize the only way to build a real following is to make certain I have a constant flow of new works becoming available on a regular basis.  This is what I absolutely need to do. Now if I could just find someone to apply a whip occasionally.

I am proud of the first Frankie James Mystery novel and am looking forward to finishing the second one “Fanning the Flames”.  The next volume in the Frankie James series deals with arson and an old flame showing up to disrupt her relationship with Jakes.

Aug 312016


The danged aftereffects of Shingles might be worse than the actual affliction.  While I had a fairly mild case, I was not prepared for the nerve pain that followed the healing of the rash and scabs.  It’s like a sunburn that won’t go away.  My ear burns constantly and the left side of my jaw has the same pain.  It is really hard not to rub at the locations, but all it does is enhance the discomfort.  My neck feels like shaving burn that nothing will make it go away.  Anything that touches the sore areas only causes more pain – I mean anything, a feather for example.  Apparently this can last for weeks and in rare cases – never goes away.  I pray I am not the latter.

Anyway … I said a couple things.

Release of – “The Resort” A Frankie James Mystery – is getting closer.  I am expecting a pre-Christmas release date, perhaps November.  The pre-publication galleys are now in the publishers hands and hopefully the next step will announced soon – the printing of the novel.

I’ve been watching the skyrocketing success of my friend Karen Rock, a Harlequin Romance novelist.  Her list of successful young adult and contemporary romance books is growing.  She is really writing about some fascinating topics ranging from the Coast Guard Sea-Air rescue teams to the “Deadliest Catch” crabbers in Alaska.  Karen just lives down the road from me and I highly recommend her books.

For anyone interested, the Plattsburgh Writiers Group is planning to meet Sept. 7th at the Plattsburgh Library.  The meeting time is 6pm.  Everyone is welcome.

Aug 172016

Since the end of last week I have been dealing with a case of shingles that has affected the left side of my head, mostly around the ear, but also along the jaw.  For the past couple of years I scuffed at the idea of the vacinnation and now I am sorry I didn’t listen.  So I just want to tell you – get the danged shot.

While the pain is not exactly what I was under the imression about, it is quite disconcerting.  Perhaps the worst part is the frugs I was given to reduce the pain – Vicodin.  I apparently am intorerant to vicodin – it works great in knocking me for a loop, the pain is minimized and the day passes in a haze – that is until I start vomiting.

It also makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything.  I skipped my last couple of Vicodin just so I would feel almost alive.  I am sure it is different for everyone.  I am in the middle of my ‘final’ edit for The Resort and want to get it back to the publisher so a release date can be set, but the last few days have been sit in the comfy chair and sleep to the sounds of the Olympics.  My brain just isn’t working, not yet.  But thanks to the anti-viral Valacyclovyr, I do think I am on the downside of the Shingles now.  While I am still very tired, and the low-grade headache is still there, I think some of the virus has subsided.  Hopefully I will be back to abnormal by the weekend when I have some friends visiting (I am sure I am past the contagious stage).

Again, I highly suggest everyone get the vaccine.

Aug 112016

My brother, Clint Grady, 59, unfortunately passed away earlier this week at his home in Daytona Beach, FLA.  There are no details as to his passing.  The family will be holding a private service for relatives at their convenience.  He is survived by his parents Ramon and Ann Grady and two brothers, Tom and Scott.

Jul 222016

Much as I hate to admit it, it took me more time than I wanted to become fully invested in Frankie James’ second mystery.  But now I am seriously working on the first draft of ‘Fanning The Flames” and expect to complete it before the end of August, perhaps even sooner.

  ” Once again, Bear Lake Police Chief Frankie James is caught up in a serious mystery.  Buildings at “The Resort” are burning to the ground and a serial arsonist is suspected.  The problem is, there is no evidence as to how the fires are set or as to who is behind the destruction of the camps and buildings that are part of the huge sports-related hotel complex.

And then there is David Fanning, Frankie’s high school love.  She hasn’t seen him in nearly 20 years and suddenly he makes an unexpected return to Bear Lake as the new fire chief.  His sudden return sparks old feelings and with Jakes temporarily gone on another long search for his sister, Frankie finds herself drawn towards her old flame.  How will Frankie deal with her emotions?  Will she be able to end the arson? And what will happen when Jakes returns?  “

Hopefully, I expect 2017 should be a banner year for my books with at least three being published, two Frankie James romances and a paranormal romance series beginning.

Of course don’t forget “The Resort: A Frankie James Mystery” will be on bookstore shelves, Amazon and anywhere you can purchase romance novels this fall.

Jul 142016

July 14, 2019 – Right now I am finishing up the production galley of “The Resort” for my publisher The Wild Rose Press.  It should be in their hands this week or early next week at the latest.  If I understand everything, that means the next step is to go to a copy editor.  Once that is completed, a final galley will be sent to me and if everything is good (and it should be), it then goes to production and I will have a release date.  I am excited about the process and the stage we are now finishing up.

   I am well underway with book 2 in the Frankie James series – “Fanning the Flames”.  To say it involves a firefighter should be obvious and just who is he and what will it mean for Frankie’s life?  I am also working on my paranormal romance novel “The Noctis” so there should be plenty coming out in the next year or so.

May 192016

This is the planned cover TheResort_w10732_medfor “The Resort – A Frankie James Mystery”.  I just received it from my publisher The Wild Rose Press and am quite excited about it.

“The Resort” is a romantic suspense set in a fictional resort village in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.  The story revolves around the eath of a teenager and a missing girl.

Bear Lake Police Chief Frankie James is in the middle of a murder investigation when a stranger on a Harley appears and begins to ask questions.  Unfortunately for Frankie, she finds Riley Jakes very attractive despite his rough-hewn exterior and finds herself becoming too close to him.  Then she has to arrest him.

Added into the mix is a major corporation “Sports Resorts International” as well as local rednecks who always seem to be in the middle of any trouble around the community.

Are the two cases intertwined?  Will Frankie and Jakes fall in love?