Dec 272020

I’ve spent most of the past couple of weeks working diligently on updating and improving Afterlife.  I have gone through every scene and every chapter to make certain it is up to my standards and ready for my editor to shred.

   Strangely, I have found myself back in the ‘mood’ to write.  It has been some time since I could focus this well over a longer period of time.  I am actually looking forward to getting back to work on at least two other novels that are in various stages of development including The Noctis and the second Bear Lake romance novel.  I’ve also noted down a couple more concepts for future works.

   But back to Afterlife.  I consider this a novel for a more mature audience.  It has a strong anti-human slavery message, in this case those taken for the use of their souls.  There are strong sexual references, but not overly descriptive scenes.  Sadism, torture and some non-consensual sex are involved.  This is a world where dark violence is in a face-off with light.

The actual story revolves around Alex and Jeni who are separated after a terrible accident on Earth where both pass away.  They wake up in a realm separated from each other and discover souls are bartered like drugs.  They undertake a journey in hopes of finding each other and what happens to each during their search is the crux of the novel.

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Aug 312020

Work is really progressing on ‘The Noctis” my new paranormal romance/fantasy.  I hit 40,000+ words over the weekend and am looking at September to send it to my publisher to see if they want to publish it and the next few books of a series.

This is a work of pride for me.  Some of the concepts challenge current beliefs, but it is a fantasy in its essence.  I am hoping it is unique enough to catch the interest of tons of readers.

The Noctis takes place in the modern world, but is linked to Armageddon in a story which encompasses time from Creation to today based on Judeo-Christian concepts.  Armageddon is certainly a real possibility, the end of the world as we know it and referenced by nearly every religion that exists today.  How and when it will happen is unknown, of course.  This is the story of a possible ending and those who live, love and try to protect the world within those times.

I try to incorporate real historical beliefs, events, and peoples into the story as well as some more occult concepts.

Whether or not you believe someday the world will end, perhaps this story will give you food for thought.

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